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  ShareBlock v1.0.18

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ShareBlock (v1.0.18) is a popular and unique software lock tool which also provides user licence management!


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What it is...

ShareBlock is a unique product; it doesn’t just issue multi-user licences, but it actually enforces them!

Conventionally there is no way of ensuring that licences are purchased for every copy of a software system in use; software piracy is a very real problem. Indeed, a customer may purchase a single user licence and then, knowingly or not, use the system on many different computers! Many companies are also guilty of not knowing how many computers are using software and therefore whether or not they are breaching the user licence agreement!

ShareBlock is an ActiveX control together with its partner ShareUnblock. ShareBlock is added to a project to control the use of the software. The ShareUnblock (ActiveX or DLL) is used to generate a unique registration code, which will identify the number of users the software is licensed for. ShareBlock then controls the use of the software in accordance with that licence by issuing registration codes for additional computers, hence controlling the use of networked, or stand alone computers. The function that controls the licence (i.e., which makes one computer the User Licence Management Computer) can be transferred to any other computer on a network (when networked) at any time. The control integrates fully with its host application and yet still controls most functions autonomously with the minimum of coding required by the developer.

ShareBlock and ShareUnblock (ocxs) can be used in all compatible development environments, including web pages. ShareUnblock DLL can also easily be used on Internet server systems that support COM components, making the automatic issuing of registration codes over the Internet a simple matter to set up.:

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For pricing information please click here. - NB. The licence required depends on the number of computers or terminals on which ShareBlock will be used for development purposes - one "User" is actually any number of users on one computer or terminal. The control is completely run-time royalty free!

...there are lots of things that ShareBlock makes possible!

What it does...

When a program using ShareBlock is run on a computer the ShareBlock control generates a Software Code unique to that PC. This software code is then used by ShareUnblock (OCX or DLL) to generate a registration code; this registration code tells ShareBlock, when entered into it, how many users are entitled to use the product. The control itself is then used to generate additional registration codes up to the number purchased by entering additional software codes obtained from the other computers.

It is also possible to generate an Authorisation code that can be entered into the control to allow an existing computer on the licence to be overwritten with an alternative one. This is a feature to allow change of computers for a user, should they need to do this of course this is also in full control of the developer because only they can generate the authorisation code (which is time limited to prevent extended use). All message and dialogue boxes in ShareBlock integrate fully with the host application so that it blends seamlessly with it.:

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