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  Technical & User Support

All CBitSoft Ltd software is supplied via our team of professional software consultants (or can be downloaded from our website) and when purchased are supported initially with a free initial training session (the purpose of this is to demonstrate the use of the systems and to show how to use the other support facilities such as help files, etc.). Further training can be purchased as required at the same time as purchasing the products, or at a later time if preferred. However, all CBitSoft software is designed to be easy and intuitive to use and we expect that very little training will be required!


Support is provided in several different ways as follows:

  • By help files provided with the software - as well as help files, each software system includes a "Tip of the Day" function and most systems also include a "What's This" help facility as well as having "Help" buttons on most screens; these latter two methods of support are "Context Sensitive", and therefore help the user in the task they are trying to perform.

  • By a knowledgebase of information (which will be constantly updated as issues become known) giving access to all technical support topics. 

  • FAQ pages to address common user issues and questions; again these will be updated regularly as we receive such questions from our customers.

  • By e-mail - support will be provided by e-mail to all registered users of our software. If you have a topic or question not dealt with by any other means mentioned above then please e-mail us about it; you will normally receive a response within a 24 hour period.

  • By telephone - call 09050 000895 (Calls are charged at 1.50 per minute).

Perhaps you would like to subscribe to our mailing list so that we can keep you informed on any new developments? (If you subscribe to our mailing list your details will NOT be passed to any third parties - Please see our privacy policy for further details)

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Do you need a particular piece of software that you think would have market potential? If so then please contact us with the idea and if we agree, you will get a copy FREE OF CHARGE as soon as it has been developed! 

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