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What could you do with the time saved if the stages of conveyances were completed automatically!?

Please contact us for a free consultation and demonstation of the system now!

The five Case Family software systems: CaseCollect our Internet Based Quotation Collection System, CaseQuote (or CaseQuote-Online) Property Conveyancing Quotation System, CaseMan Property Conveyancing Case Management System and the CaseTrack Property Conveyancing Web Tracking Website have been designed to work together to provide a complete conveyancing solution for solicitor's or other conveyancing companies.

CaseMan enables conveyancing cases to be tracked and comminications and forms to be generated automatically and autonomously. CaseMan features include:

  • Assembles documents such as forms and letters, etc., then prints, e-mails or faxes then effortlessly.

  • Loads a quotation file from CaseQuote or CaseCollect and then tracks the acceptance of the quotation, following it up automatically and then, once accepted, tracks the conveyance through every stage to completion.

  • Can be installed stand-alone or on a network.

  • Can check and identify tasks that need doing each day and carry them out automatically and autonomously.

  • Sends e-mails through Microsoft Outlook.

  • Uses Microsoft Word if available for editing templates, communications and forms, otherwise uses its own built-in full-featured word processor.

  • Integrates fully and automatically with CaseQuote and CaseTrack when these systems are installed.

  • Includes a "Data Wizard" which guides the user through the initial data set up routines, to ensure that data is entered correctly as required.

  • Includes a security system providing any number of users personal access through a secure login.

  • Includes the ability to track "Introduce" companies providing leads through copies of the index page of CaseCollect when that system and CaseQuote are in use.

  • Attractive, intuitive and "familiar" interface leads to simplicity of use and minimal training requirements.

  • Collects data as entered such as Estate Agents, Land Registry Offices, Solicitors, postcodes, etc. Never type anything more than once!

  • Updating data in CaseMan, such as fees, etc., automatically updates CaseQuote if that system is also in use.

  • Exports and automatically uploads a database to the Internet for the CaseTrack website when in use.

  • Templates can be set up for any tracking stage; existing Word Templates can also be used with very little modification.

  • Letters or e-mails can be generated for any party, whose details are stored within the system, quickly and efficiently, pre-addressed and formatted ready for you to type the content.

  • The system incorporates comprehensive help files, with several context sensitive mechanisms, to make it easier to get the help you need

  • Integrates with all three NLIS channels for performing all possible "online" property searches.

  • Produces completion statements.

Please contact us now for a free consultation and demonstation of the system, or if you expereince any problems with installing or running the software...

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